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Two of my biggest passions always were love and people! I'm the kind of girl who loves to watch romantic comedies on a Sunday afternoon and dreams about happy endings. I believed in that so deeply that I found my soul mate, and got married to him 3 times in 3 different places: Macau, Chiang Mai (Thailand) and Portugal.  Everything began when I found out that alternative weddings existed and were possible. I truly believe in emotions and personalized celebrations, so when I started to see Pinterest weddings and wedding blogs I became obsessed! After 10 years of teaching in Angola, Lisbon, Macau and Mozambique I decided to quit that dream and began another one: weddings - alternative weddings. I started as a party planner in Macau, with Bad Bad Maria Productions and Crafts and then I moved to Portugal. Bad Bad Maria grew so fast and in such a way, that I needed to have my personal Wedding Planning brand! 

Cátia Silva Weddings is one of my newest dreams but one of the most promising! There are amazing weddings I want to organize - even more challenging than the hot air balloon elopement or the Azores Adventure wedding, both of which are just the beginning of the kind of weddings I'm aiming to make.

Living between Lisbon and Macau is giving me the opportunity to do what I love most - travel and creating absolutely unique weddings.

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