10 benefits of hiring a wedding planner

I’m a wedding planner. What can I do for you?

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“I’m a bride, I’m organizing my own wedding and I don’t need a wedding planner”, you may think.

Well, ask your married friends how it was to organize their own wedding. Did they enjoy every step? Of course they did. It was their special day. But could they enjoy most? Of course they could. And that’s what a wedding planner can do for you, that is, organize every boring stuff and let you be with only the good parts, according to your budget!

Yes I assure you that your wedding cake will be perfect on the table for you ;)

Enjoy every moment and be happy.

Let’s check the 10 benefits of hiring a wedding planner

1 - A wedding planner is a experienced professional, who planned a lot and won't let any mistake enter your wedding day

2 – It’s a problem solver, because when you step into the organization of a huge or modest event, problems always arise. And who wants them?

3 - The wedding planner works on a budget given by the couple. There won’t exist last minute expenses. But be fare with the budget you present, according to the market prices. Remember that you cannot have a princess wedding with a budget of a family dinner.

4- A wedding planner has privileged contacts with vendors, so it’s obvious that will get the best for you at a reasonable price

5- Having a wedding planner gives you the pleasure not to deal with the bureaucracy

6- All Vendors will be coordinated by the wedding planner to assure that everything will run as expected and contracted

7 – You put your ideas, desires and dreams on the table and the wedding planner will help you to accomplish them according to the tendencies, good taste and harmony of everything. Additionally, will give you more suggestions with the only aim to make your ceremony even greater, but with the same budget

8- If you have the dream to marry or elope in a different location (city or country like Thailand) from yours, it is crucial for you to have a professional planner handling everything

9-With a wedding planner you will get what you want and not what your mother, your aunt our cousin want, I mean the ones you asked, or offered, to plan your wedding. Every family suggestion will be managed by a stranger in a tactful manner, and no one will pressure you.

10- The wedding planner has always a PLAN B to put into action when something external may happen, as raining…


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