Retrospective and new year's resolutions


When we get to an end and reach a new beginning we always think of what was like the past and what we wish to change in the future. For me 2016 was a strange year! Half of the year I've cried (we never achieve anything without some suffering. It's part of growing, the pain of growing up and moving on), so I quickly dried up my tears to face my other half in which I was joyful and happy with my achievements. And they came as fast as I was investing time and money and more tears along the way. Most of them were now tears of joy.

It was a year that I had a lot of dreams come true: traveling to São Francisco, Las Vegas and Rome to see the best of the best in Wedding Photography talking and be inspired by them. I must confess that sometimes I felt a little bit frustrated. Don't you have some feelings like this in your pathway?! Sometimes It's difficult to be a solopreneur. I'm not that lonely anymore. Along the past  2016 I met fantastic people who gave me positive vibes - and still give. I've reinforced the existing partnerships and signed new ones. I was in the Christmas spirit organizing a Christmas Market and gathered creative people to show their beautiful work. And started to do window display's decoration. Wait a minute...Let me count...I did 25 events! Wowww!! When we do a retrospective in our personal and professional life it is a really great exercise. Things happens fast that we almost doesn't notice them. We must stop and think.  I finished 2016 on a TV stage, and I'm starting 2017 continuing the hard work and having a good feedback on it.

My only wish for 2017 is to be happy, to have a joyful life and to continue to have you here with me!


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