Wedding Podcast - Portuguese Version

My passion from radio comes from the times in Portugal when we could call to the radio to ask to play our favorite music.  I always listened radios and later when I started to work from home I need some company so I started to listen some podcast. First in Portuguese, Os Primos, from Rádio Comercial, Prova Oral from Antena 3 and later a Anita no Trabalho, a podcast made by two entrepreneur women who speak and interview some people and exchange some ideas and despairs of their entrepreneurship but my biggest inspiration come from others, mainly in english: Way Up North and more recently the Montanas Temporales from Fer Juaristi. I'm a storyteller lover and for me there are no other better way to tell a story besides a conversation. 

This podcast series aim to tell stories about our interviewed, people connected to the weddings industry in some way. Illustrators, photographer, florists, cake designers all people in love for their job and with a only goal in life: make happy the other's life.

You can see it directly on soundcloud or you can add in Itunes podcast channel.


Cátia Silva, Bad Bad Maria mentor

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