Bad Bad Maria and flowers

The hydrangeas are one of Bad Bad Maria´s  favourite flowers which it's being used in our parties and weddings. They are big, leafy, colorful, ranging from blue, purple and pink. The flower fills any ambience with its good energy. The plants begin to bloom in spring and are available at any florist, at any time of year, but are ideal for use in events in the spring and summer. In bouquets it looks great combined with other flowers or just using a single hydrangea to amaze.


Did you know: In Japan the leaves and petals of fermented and dried hydrangea give rise to a tisane drink named Amacha (甘 茶/あ ま ち ゃ) ?

A TIP to keep your hydrangeas fresh:

  1. If you have the hydrangeas in your garden, bring a vase of water with you and after cutting the flowers place them immediately in water. Then cut the desired length and put in boiling water for 30 seconds, afterwards place them in room temperature water and arrange. When you buy them in a local market it's not that easier to keep the freshness because you don't know exactly when they were cutted and in what circunstances. The one above I bought it at the market and I wished it would last longer.
  2. When in a vase, just cut the stems regularly. It will work as well but not for so long.

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Maria, a Bad Bad