Happy in 2016 heading to a great 2017



Along these days I'm having a jolly season in Portugal.  I've reunited with my family, gathered and laughed with my long-time-no-see friends. I did as well some work meetings, planned parties and I'm now heading to TV shows interviews. It's awesome, but a huge responsability as well.

I want to give my best. If everything runs as it is supposed to be, I'll be at A PRAÇA - RTP, on saturday morning (GMT), December 31st, as part of a special broadcasting. I will share great ideas for your new years eve, with the special support of Migalha mais Doce ; Wooland art ; Bordallo Pinheiro e Vista Alegre.


In 2017, I will be at É a Vida Alvim, no CanalQ, but I don't know yet when it will be broadcasted. I'll let you know.


I hope you will watch both of tv shows to know me and my work better. And don't forget to give me your feedback. You know I will love to hear comments from you.

I wish you a great 2017!