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DIY project

I’ve crafted a customized simple detail in the wooden cutlery for my Halloween party. I just added some colour and spooky eyes. Check how simple this DIY project is.

Materials needed: Washi Tape / Wooden Cutlery / Plastic Eyes / Adhesive

  1. Gather all material and tools needed: wooden cuttlery, plastic spooky eyes, duct tape and glue. I used UHU adhesive but you may use another at your choice.
  2. Choose the wooden cuttlery you want to decorate.
  3. Glue a piece of duct tape onto the cutlery cable.
  4. Finally glue the eyes onto the duct tape.

You may adapt this idea to any other festivity. For more tips about table decoration for Halloween and to get a free printable pdf to enhance your party read this.

Note: We usually write on our blog on Thursdays, but regarding this funny festivity we are more active this week. I hope to inspire you!