Spooktacular Halloween

Bad Bad Maria Halloween

Halloween is a w-hole season to let your imagination take a chilled flight and in which no one will be upset with your trick-or-treat prank. I love the pumpkin carvings, the skeletons, the blood and the witches. The spider web all around and that creepy ambiance are just awesome. I remember myself having so much fun when I was a teacher - and still do - with this haunting holiday. The costumes are so scaryyyyyy, and I usually enjoy reincarnating into a funny or terrifying character in this season.

*Wait and see what I will reveal you on this blog along this week*.

I’m getting so frightened about eating all of those sweet candies and scary boooo-fet recipes and do-not-know-what-is-inside drinks that I have my legs shaking. Have a creepy laugh as I’m laughing right now!

Join me in this startling adventure! 

*this adventure has a starting point here at my home blog and will proceed in facebook, instagram, pinterest and maybe in other scary social media and venues.

Take a look at my Halloween party decoration, and download a free design printable pdf  for your own horrifying celebration in the footer of this post and have fun.

Where can you find these items?


Boo Garland - Bad Bad Maria free printable PDF *get yours at the bottom of this post. 

Plates, cups, straws and napkins - Bad Bad Maria Online Store

Wood Clutery - Bad Bad Maria Online Store  

Plastic Pumpkin - Chi fu Stationary

Pumpkin Garland - Daiso

Cup Cakes Cups - Taipa Park'n Shop 

For this table I also prepared my home made Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting! 

They are delicious!!!!!!!


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