Starting a new company...

All my life I dreamed a lot and wanted to be different things in my life…

When I was a little girl, I loved hair so I wanted to be a hairdresser. Later, when I started to connect to the real world, I dreamed of being a nurse, a volunteer, and work with refugees from all over the world. At that time I was in love with people already, and since I liked to meet new people I've always thought to do something related to people, to make them smile and improve their lives somehow. When I went to university, I choose another path. My option was to teach, go to Africa and try, by that way, to improve their lives through education. It was the perfect dream but the reality was not so perfect at all!

I love kids, I’m passionate with Education as an ideology but I wasn't what I really wanted to be – the perfect and different teacher. I taught for 10 years in several places: Angola, Lisbon, Macau and participate in an Education Plan in Mozambique, but in the end I was tired and wanted more for me and felt I had finished my journey as a teacher. I needed a new challenge, a new me! I always have loved weddings and parties but for any reason I forgot it for some time. When I was in Mozambique in 2012 I met a girl who introduced me a few wedding blogs. I was completely amazed by the work of the new wedding trends. It was not difficult to find someone like me, passionate about parties and weddings and we started to share some ideas and plans. The planning of my own wedding party followed and I start thinking about doing something linked to that. I loved handicrafts, beauty and design.

Pinterest,  Style me PrettyGreen Wedding Shoes  and finally Simplesmente Branco started to be a best part of my day. Through them I was familiarized to one of my biggest dreams: work in the industry of events, sharing joy, beautifulness and happiness. I never thought about planning weddings before. Living in Macau and working with a different culture and different habits was not easy, furthermore starting a business in that industry was not cheap and I didn't have enough of money to start. I shared these dreams to everyone around me and my closest friends start to stimulate my ego and to challenge me. I asked some friends of mine if they needed some help for their daughter’s party, luckily they accepted. So I did my first party.  Later other friend gave me some money and told me to organize his birthday lunch with friends. It all started there, at that moment! I didn’t believe it was possible until then and the final result was amazing! People loved it and I was really happy with my accomplishment. And so much evolved since then. In Bad Bad Maria Facebook page you can see my first parties – Os 30 anos do Pedro and A festa da Contança.

From that day on, my dream started to come true. The turning point was when I created a Facebook page. People began to see my work and liked it. In the end of the term I had so many parties which made me difficult to conciliate teaching and party planning.  It was a hard choice, even now; it is not easy to think about everything I left behind. What I use to say to everyone is: I choose what I love most. Even if it’s difficult, it’s what I want for the future, my future. I choose a new life, a new way of living and working…and i hope you like it.

I choose what I love most.
— Cátia Silva
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